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Online workshops over klimaataactie door FWCC

An Invitation to Young Friends Everywhere, from Young Friends Across the Four FWCC sections
23 July 2020
To all Young Friends everywhere,
We invite you to join Young Friends around the world, and across the Quaker branches, for a series of 5 online workshops over 10 weeks. Join us for one or all five.
These sessions will be run by young Quakers for young Quakers through Friends World Committee for Consultation on 5 Saturdays between August 29 and October 24, 2020.
In each session we will explore climate action, peace, and justice in relation to one of the five testimonies: Truth, Equality, Peace, Simplicity and Community. There will be a chance to hear from 2 – 3 speakers (who will be Young Friends from across the FWCC sections), to talk in zoom breakout rooms exploring the session’s theme, and a chance to gather and reflect on our discussions together.
We recognize that climate action, peace, and justice are core to Quakerism, and many young Friends are actively living out their faith in the world, so we all have so many stories to listen to, to learn from, and to tell. As young Quakers from around the world, we want to create a network of Young Friends that will provide a chance to share our stories and experiences and to hear from and inspire one another.
The overall aims of the online workshops:
1. To build a network of Young Quakers around the world, and across Quaker branches who are engaged in climate action, peace, and justice.
2. To allow Young Quakers to share our stories, experiences, and thoughts on climate justice, peace, and justice.
3. To create a reflective statement from each of 5 online workshops that build on each previous statement. The fifth, being the final statement from the whole experience, will provide an overview from the workshops, outline plans for how to stay together as a Young Quaker global community, and describe what their hopes are for the whole global Quaker community.
So are you aged 16 – 35? Come, listen, and learn.
We recognize that not all Friends will be able to join us for these workshops. For those who are not 16 – 35, but consider themselves ‘young at heart’– you can follow our community building reflections with the statements from every session. They will be posted on FWCC’s web site the following Saturday after each workshop.
Finally, we are building a community which you will be a part of forming and shaping– it is your community. It is our community. Although borders, time zones, and cultures may sometimes divide us, our beliefs and spirituality connect us all.
Share this information with other young Quakers, join our conversation, and be part of our community. We look forward to listening and thinking to Young Friends’ experiences from around the world.
Find out more information visit
Love and friendship,
Young Friends Worldwide for Climate, Peace, and Justice Planning Committee
Anya NR (England), Anya BP (New Zealand), Detmer K (Netherlands), Epa N (Uganda), Julia C (United States of America), Pearl J (England), Young I (Burundi).

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