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driehoek 28 december 2015 - Anti-Eurosatory Campaign



Anti-Eurosatory Campaign

Stop Fuelling War


1 December 2015


Dear Friends,


If you wish to be scandalized, search Eurosatory on the 'Web. This, one of the largest arms fairs in the world, is held every two years in Paris. In 2016, it will be held from 13-17 June. It promotes the economy- and peace-destroying arms industry and, by all appearances, is doing a very good job of it. The industry itself is like a Black Hole into which money disappears. It differs from a Black Hole in that it belches out death, destruction and economic ruin.


We, Quakers in France and other European Quakers, have been demonstrating against it for years. We are planning and organising for June 201.6 with demonstrations at the fair site and in the city of Paris as well as other activities such as a pilgrimage from Germany and also in conjunction with Church & Peace, and linking with French peace groups. We are well aware that expressing righteous and indignant disapproval is insufficient if our objective is, indeed, to curb the international arms trade and its pernicious effects. For 201"6, we are developing media and political campaigns so that our voice will not be lost in the cacophony of Parisian protests. 'We are planning media and political efforts to accompany it.


At the Fair itself, the people who will see us will be employees who are doing their best to create and exploit markets for their masters' products. Indeed, they are as powerless as we ar€ to affect the "industry" Our voices have no danger of disturbing the equanimity of their masters. Thus, we want to address those who pass us by directly and urge them to find a better way to spend their lives and assure the security and safety of those they love and of all peoples. We'll be urging them to leave the arms industry and turn to something constructive. Our demonstrations in Paris will also deviate from the traditional fruitless expressions of indignant disapproval.


We have been granted €750€ from the Radley Trust, seed money we greatly appreciate, and smaller amounts from meetings but our shortfall for our general budget is about 4,500€. This does not include travel and accommodation for individuals. Should you feel led to sponsor participants from your meeting or elsewhere or to contribute to meeting the general expenses of the campaign, please contact the people named below or donate directly (bank details below) 


Thank you in advance for any support yon can give


In Friendship,


Karina K{night Spencer

Midi Pyrenees Meeting,


contacts: Karina Knight Spencer karinaknightartist@gmal.com

Hans Georg Klee friedensklee@posteo.de


Account Name: Amicales Quakers de Midi Pyrenees


Bank Address: Yournefeuille, Toulouse, France

IBAN: FR76 1780 7008 4367 6190 0398 661


with the reference: Non-Eurosatory